Special Pujas & Prayers for family and friends

The resident Lamas of the monastery will help those who request prayers or Vajrayana practices for the well-being of their family members, friends or themselves. The Khenpos and Lamas have been trained in traditional and genuine Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies that may be offered when someone requests spiritual support. 

Offering prayers and pujas are an opportunity for us to develop compassion through benefiting others. This activity also serves to bring tremendous merit to the sponsor as well as to purify negativity and obscurations. The merit of sponsoring puja offerings can be dedicated to anyone, living or deceased, including family members, friends, enemies, teachers, and animals, as well as to business or other professional concerns. 

Personal offerings to individual Rinpoches, lamas and monastics also bring merit to the sponsor. Traditionally in Asia, offerings to individual teachers or monastics are practiced, and this practice is also developing in the west.   

In order to fulfill this dharma initiative, Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche has called upon Lama Karma Thendup, KTD’s Puja Master, to perform special prayers and pujas for individual sponsorship. Khenpo Karma Tenkyong, sent by His Holiness 17th Karmapa, also helps those requesting spiritual aid by performing special ceremonies, pujas and prayers for individuals. 

By contacting office@kagyu.org a special puja or prayer by Khenpo Tenkyong and Lama Karma Thendup can be arranged. Of the many beneficial practices that exist, KTD will begin by offering Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, White Tara, Amitayus, Heart Sutra, Shitro, Chenrezik, Amitabha, Vajrasattva, and Mahakala pujas, plus Sang and Sur smoke offerings for individual sponsorship and dedication. 

To request a special puja or special prayer by Lama Karma Thendup and Khenpo Tenkyong, a donation of $108 or more would be appreciated. A brief description of the benefits of these practices is as follows:


Medicine Buddha - Helps the sick and the dying. Promotes good health.

Green Tara - Averts obstacles, provides protection and freedom from fear. 

White Tara - Promotes good health and long life. 

Amitayus - Promotes long life. 

Amitabha - Especially beneficial for the dying or deceased. 

Heart Sutra - Promotes the removal of obstacles and ignorance. 

Sur (singed substances) Offering - Removes obstacles to dharma practice, activities, and business. (Especially beneficial as dedication for the deceased.) 

Sang (purifying smoke) Offering - Promotes auspiciousness, develops merit and wisdom, purifies negativity and obscurations. 

Shitro - Bardo practice of the peaceful and wrathful deities. Especially beneficial for the dying or deceased. 

Chenrezik - Promotes compassion and the removal of ignorance. 

Vajrasattva - Purifies negativity and obscurations. 

Mahakala - Dharma protector practice. Promotes auspiciousness and effects the removal of obstacles. 


Daily Group Pujas at KTD

At KTD, group pujas (also called "sadhana practices") are daily occurrences. Lamas and lay practitioners conduct prayers with the hours of the day, creating a rhythm of prayer that carries aspiration to all sentient beings.

•At 6 a.m. daily, we chant the sadhana of Green Tara, called "the liberator" or "the savioress" whose practice removes obstacles. 

•At 4:30 p.m. daily, we chant the sadhana of Mahakala, the protector,  whose practice protects us from the outer and inner obstacles caused by our negative afflictive emotions. 

•At 7 p.m., we chant the sadhana of Chenrezig, the bodhisattva of compassion, spreading the blessing of the Great Compassion Mantra "OM MANI PADME HUM" in all directions.  To begin this puja, we read the names of people who are ill or recently deceased so that we may dedicate the merit for their well-being.

Sponsorship of a daily group puja for a week:  $108  [Insert link to 4th button’s Donations page for tsok sponsorship]