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The Benefits of Veneration

Namo Mahagurave (Homage to the great guru)

The land of Sikkim, at the border of India and Tibet, was consecrated as a hidden sanctuary for the Buddha's teachings during the present epoch by the second Buddha, the great master Padmasambhava, who blessed it with the vajra wisdom of his body, speech, and mind. Through the infallible power of his aspiration and through our great effort, the monastery Shaydrup Kunkhyap Otong Khyilway Tsuklakhang (the Temple of Pervasive Teaching and Practice Blazing with a Thousand Lights), has been established for the preservation of the precious doctrine of the Buddha, which is the source of all benefit and happiness in existence and tranquility, and for the sake of all beings in the world.

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Puja Announcement

The Great Vajra Kilaya Puja (Zab-dun Phurpa) will start from 7th May till 17th May 2016 at Dharma Chakra Center, Rumtek. His Eminence Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche will be leading the puja with venerable rinpoches, lamas, and all the monks. This puja is performed every second year in Rumtek. Following are the programme:

Date Programme
7th May Sa-Chok, Ground Breaking Puja followed by Ritual Sacred Red Hat Dance inside main shrine hall.
8th - 16th May Actual Puja
16th May Vajra Kilaya Empowerment & Ritual Sacred Mask Dance for whole day
17th May Dismantling the sand mandala and Marme Monlam
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