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Although Buddhist texts do not condemn casinos, they do not support gambling as a way to raise money for religious purposes. The Buddha warned that people who gamble often end up losing, and that their money should be used for good, not evil. This also suggests that the Buddha did not defend family-based online casino websites despite what we may think. However, the Buddhist path does not abandon the casino. He recommends only a balanced lifestyle and a life that includes a lot of meditation and family time.
The week-long Tsedrub Thabshay Khajor Puja (Amita Aayu) was performed by the lamas and the monks leaded by Vajra Master at Rumtek Monastery from 6th to 12th March for the swift return to his main seat and longevity of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa and Oliver Wimmer oliverwimmer.at.